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I disagree. I say it was the split with the RAM going half and half. Its not that the system didn't have enough RAM its because it had to vary between 700 Mhz RAM and 3.2 Ghz RAM in the system for PS3. Not only that, but to actually use the Cell's Gigaflops it required specialized coding that most just skipped over just to get a quick port out the door. Sony obviously didn't like that if they are going with x86 CPU this time around. Maybe two.

I believe that both consoles will range from 3-4 Tflops at a minimum. Well from all the rumors and facts I find around. I say these are pretty close to what I suspect for PS4/XB3

PS4: AMD Kaveri APUx2(1 Tflop each?) + GPU(Last rumor was around 1.84 Tflops so lets say AMD 7970M for now) = 3.84 up to 4.1 Tflops depending on if the AMD 7970M or whatever GPU is in there gets a boast to 2.1 Tflops or higher? AMD 8850(2.99 Tflops) possible? If so it could reach 5 Tflops or 4.99 Tflops. That or maybe another solution.

Why would I say 2 Kaveri APUs? Well this is what I believe is to be in XB3. I say two because I expect them to match the core count if XB3 has 8 cores.

Intel Haswell 8 core CPU(1 Tflop) + NVIDIA ARM APU(500-800 Gigaflops) + NVIDIA GPU(2.2 Tflops or more?) = 3.7-4.0 Tflops

Just my two cents. Take it or leave it.
3-4 Tflops sounds a bit high to me. Keep in mind that next gen consoles will likely retail for around $400. If you look at the (rumored) first leaked dev kits for each next gen system : PS4 dev kit was at 1.25Tflops (GPUs), and the 720 dev kit was at 1.4 TFlops (GPU). These first dev kits are 6 times more powerful then the current hardware.

I think when these consoles are released they'll both sit around 2.5TFLOPS for total GPU power. Primarily because of statements made by Epic's Tim Sweeney, who stated that Samaritan Demo would require next gen consoles to have 2.5TFLOPS of graphics power to render the demo at 1080p. Epic had a big hand in the development of the 360, and this generation has seen Unreal Engine 3 become the go to engine of choice for developers, I'm sure Unreal Engine 4 will have a similar impact.

2.5TFLOPS is 10 times more powerful then what we have now, I can't wait to see what kind of things developers will do with that kind of power.

Rumors point to the next xbox have an 8 core CPU, while Sony would have 4. For Sony to add a second CPU would be extremly costly, and wouldn't be very power efficient. Don't forget that xbox 720 will not only have kinect 2, but also rumored body sensors, heads up display, and DVR functionality; these could easily chew up 2-4 cores. It's likely that the 720 will need the extra 4 cores just to stay even with the PS4.