Sony Computer Entertainment (the PlayStation division of Sony) has in their plans to store your biometric data online and use it to keep a constant eye on you in the future, horray for Big Brother (not the TV show).

Filed back in May, the patent describes the ‘problem’ of being unable to trust that the people who log in to their devices are actually the main account holder, rather than someone who has just been given the device after it has been unlocked.

Apparently, they plan to solve this by collecting your Biometric data:

To overcome the above disadvantages, embodiments of the invention are directed to consumer devices and methods for operating consumer devices. According to embodiments of the invention a user of a consumer electronics device is uniquely identified using a metric that is contingent upon the user using the device normally. Content that depends on the user’s identity can be provided to or from the device. According to certain embodiments, a user may be uniquely identified using a biometric sensor to provide the metric. Examples of suitable biometric sensors include fingerprint sensors, hand sensors, face recognition systems, iris scanners retinal scanners, voice pattern analyzers, and DNA analyzers. The biometric sensor senses a user biometric during normal operation of the device by the user. In certain embodiments of the invention a user identification unit incorporated into a control module of the device.

They also explain how the data could be used to create a profile about you and your gaming preferences...


Personally speaking, if Sony go this route (by implementing it with the PS4 or Vita) they can get stuffed. Talk about violation of my privacy.