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I think the factor of it being new will sell new consoles personally. It's like the 3ds because the 3dsxl does the thing besides battery life and a bigger screen. Now the slim will is slimmer and has different hdd sizes which IMo is on par which the changes of the 3ds. The reason is say this is because i believe it's selling well with minor changes. Also, i mean we're talking about little big planet, dude. This games sells well already but you if you throw karting in there then it's gold. We know people, especially casuals, love karting. So you have the nostalgia of karting, a already popular game, and a new system and that's got selling all over it. Also, you have playstation all stars which is a popular game it seems. I'll grant you that the pre orders aren't high but it hasn't announced the most requested characters yet like cloud, crash, spryo, tidus etc It's a fan based game so characters are the sellers. Nino kuni or whatever is coming to i think. So MS has 2 games aforza and halo. I mean that's good but little big planet won't sell as good but we two decent games and a new console there not doing bad. The wii has a new console so i really think there all doing good. All Sony has to do is hype some things up(Won't happen. So i think competing wise there not doing too bad. As for support i was just talking about hardware that's just a fact. We all know it. @Rad, Sony will play the last of us and Gow cards and probably just announce a couple of things before the game events start. I mean they have kingdom hears coming and i really think versus and last guardian should be coming. I think consoles are nearing anyways but Sony is still investing and that's why i love them.
Yeah I was referring to the Xmas holiday 2012. Thats why I said next year will be off to a good start with TLOU and GOW. And I also commended Sony for investing in new exclusive IPs.