What was your first job like? You can talk about your first ''official'' workplace or a summerjob you did for a couple weeks, whatevs, just share it here!

Well I had a couple workplaces in middle school where I worked for a few weeks due to the fact that our school had this program where we get to see what real work in actual jobs were like, but my first real job was at a component and module factory. I worked there for two summers and the job was very very VERY dull and monotone, but everything was very professionally handled. Usually you hear that young summerworkers get $#@!ty pay with no benefits and such, but over there we got bonuses, the paperwork was handled well, we got to go to meetings where every worker was being heard and we got free cake time to time lol. Overall it was a very positive experience for me and I'm sure that jobs that I'll probably apply to when I'm studying will be much worse.