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    - PSU's Tag Team Signature Competition! -

    Welcome to the official thread of PSU's Tag Team Signature Competition! In this thread I will explain everything regarding the competition. I suggest everyone reads this whole thing through once to get a hang of how things go.

    How it's all gonna play out:

    Every contestant gets a randomly picked partner with whom they shall compete with. You will be given a theme, and both of you will make a signature based on it. You have a few days to prepare your signatures before the voting starts. Since there are 10 participants, there are 5 teams.

    Every team will battle each other once, and the two teams with the most victories move on to the finals. If there are ties between possible final candidates, the finalists will be chosen by their win ratios (by how many votes they won their battles).

    There will be no tie-breakers. Ties will ruthlessly be decided with a ''coin toss''. I'll video them so no worries of bias.

    Each team must bring two signatures to the table each time done by both designers, otherwise it is an automatic loss for the team.


    35 000 sp per contestant, and I'll probably whip up some userbars too so you can wear them proudly to remind people that you are the ultimate champions :D


    I'm open for suggestions, which you can post in this thread. First rounds' theme is picked by me. Try and pick creative themes, for example ''Darkness vs Light'' or ''PS3 vs 360'' are themes where one team will be given the other alternative.


    Since there are several rounds to this tournament, the competition will stretch for over a month. This requires that you should stay fairly active in the forums for a while. You have 5-days to prepare your signatures and there is a 5-day voting time (the preparing times can stretch a little bit). I won't put up a calendar or anything in the OP, but I will inform when your sigs need to be due and when I'm putting up the threads in this thread, so keep checking this thread!

    The battles go in rounds, and since there's an uneven number of teams, some teams need to rest and wait for the next round to battle.

    Once you have finished your sigs PM THEM BOTH TO ME IN A SINGLE PM! Don't post them in this thread! It's easier for me to manage them if you post them both in one PM.

    The teams:

    The teams are chosen in the order that you signed up to the competition in the previous thread. Here they are:

    DarkVincent07 and FonFahbre

    DeviousOne and Kwesnoth

    Blacksite and Kuro

    The Black Wolf and MentallyCritical - OUT

    podsaurus and C-Carcharias

    I will post the winners and the current stats of the competition in this thread!

    If you have any questions, post in this thread or PM me.


    Round 1 - Theme: Summer vs Winter

    [Blacksite and Kuro] vs [podsaurus and C-Carcharias]

    Winner: [Blacksite and Kuro]

    [DarkVincent07 and FonFahbre] vs [DeviousOne and Kwesnoth]

    Winner: [DarkVincent07 and FonFahbre]

    Round 2 - Theme: Marvel vs DC

    [DarkVincent07 and FonFahbre] vs [Blacksite and Kuro]

    Winner: [Blacksite and Kuro]

    [DeviousOne and Kwesnoth] vs [podsaurus and C-Carcharias]

    Winner: [DeviousOne and Kwesnoth]

    Round 3 - Theme: Good vs Evil

    [DeviousOne and Kwesnoth] vs [Blacksite and Kuro]

    Winner: [Blacksite and Kuro]

    [DarkVincent07 and FonFahbre] vs [podsaurus and C-Carcharias]

    Winner: [podsaurus and C-Carcharias]

    Final Round - Theme: JRPGs vs. WRPGs/Games of 2013

    [Blacksite and Kuro] vs [podsaurus and C-Carcharias]

    Winner: [Blacksite and Kuro]

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