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    Advice needed for lower to mid range GPU

    Hi all. I have had a lot of computer issues over the past few years, mainly to do with being screwed by certain hardware suppliers. So I have been mainly out of the PC gaming circle for a while. I currently have a poxy little graphics card that is about 8 years old and was only ever meant to be be temporary but it has now been a year! So this must end

    My CPU is nothing special, just a standard E4400 @ 2ghz. And I'm not interested in replacing that for now, it does its job. Might even overclock it. However I certainly do need a decent GPU and for a sensible price. I'm not looking to run BF3 on ultra high settings here, just have pretty entry level gaming setup.

    So the main thing here is I want as good a card as I can get that will not be bottlenecked by the CPU. Been googling for a while and ATI/AMD certainly seems the way to go.

    Radeon 6670 or 6770? Are these good choices for my situation? Would these be a little too powerful for the E4400? Or could I go a bit higher?

    Another question will be compatibility. I think I am ok on that front but please do correct me if I'm not. I have an Antec 650W power supply and an ASUS P5N-D motherboard.

    Any responses from the PC brains here will be appreciated
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