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    Resident Evil 6 sucks! Mostly...

    Capcom managed to take everything good from RE5, and completely trash it. This game is horrible!!!!!!

    First off, there is no pause button. You can never pause the game, EVER! The only time the game is stopped, is when the chapter is over.

    You are always surrounded by other BSAA members who are constantly shooting and talking. It feels like you are always out of ammo and there is never enough.

    You can search for blue emblems again, but they removed the treasures. Why the hell would they remove treasures from a Resident Evil game?

    Right now the story sucks, the controls are not all that great either. Trying to line up a head shot is a pain in the ass. I know you have to upgrade your character with skill points, but right now this game is just no fun.

    Capcom also changed the inventory screen, and not for the better.

    I have finished the first chapter, and about half of chapter 2. This does not feel like a Resident Evil game at all. I am sorely disappointed with this game...

    If I were to rate the game based off the 2hrs I put in so far, I would give this a 6/10.


    My original experience was based off the Chris campaign, which seems to be more like that Raccoon City game that recently came out.

    I just played chapter 1 of the Leon campaign in co-op (took us 2hrs to finish chapter) and I am totally loving it! I would rate that campaign a 9/10. So it seems that Resident Evil 6 is more like 3 different game styles instead of one awesome one. That is a shame..
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