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    Quote Originally Posted by Lethal_NFS View Post
    Ok I want to retract a little on my original post. I was playing the Chris campaign which is more like that Raccoon City game that came out. If you play as Leon, the game is totally awesome! It has zombies and is very creepy. Why couldn't the entire game be based off Leon? His campaign kicks so much ass!!!!!
    Over reacted lol
    The game is great and the different pacing works imo, Leon is dealing with the outbreak in a small town
    Chris has been sent in to deal a bio enhanced soldiers who have defects, and large monsters
    Btw this is what I meant by playing it in the proper order...... kinda if you want the story to fit together
    Prelude Chapter
    Chris Chapter 1
    Chris Chapter 2
    Jake Chapter 1
    Jake Chapter 2
    Leon Chapter 1
    Leon Chapter 2
    Leon Chapter 3
    Jake Chapter 3
    Chris Chapter 3
    Jake Chapter 4
    Leon Chapter 4
    Chris Chapter 4
    Jake Chapter 5
    Chris Chapter 5
    Leon Chapter 5

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