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You really mean that, right?

We have 2012, and in a few months, 2013. It's not 1998. Almost 15 years have passed since the PSone RE debut, as far as I know. And you want all that stuff back in a modern game? That's ridiculous, and that's why I don't take any (no offense) fanboys serious. Be it Sony, Microsoft, or particular games, like RE or DMC.

Enjoy games just as they are, and you'll have a lot more fun. And to be honest, I thought RE6 was the best yet. Gameplay wise you can't deny it. Also the story - how it was put together - and of course, the well made cutscenes. I watched a walkthrough of RE4 (parts of it). I won't watch or play older REs because it's just too old for me. I can understand that if you played a franchise right from the beginning, you have that feeling of nostalgia and this "love" for the games you had so much fun with. But games evolve, and we have to adapt, and vice versa. I want better games with slicker controls. And RE6 has a good mix of slick controls, but with a heavy feel to it, so that it doesn't feel like a third person SHOOTER. It's a third person action-horror shooting game - and I'm absolutely fine with it.

People complain about the shooting in RE games - and nowadays even in the Dead Space series. But... LOL... how do you want to bring those beasts down? Yell at them? Use your swiss army knife that you bought at Walmart? You need a freaking shotgun, pistols, assault rifles, and all the fire power you can get!

I'm sure you agree on that. So now we have to ask ourselves: How do we integrate firearms to shoot the Zombies and mutants and make a fun game? We don't want to make a first person shooter. Right! Let's make a third person action-horror game with a lot of shooting. But it's not a third person shooter. A TPS would be Gears Of War or Spec Ops: The Line. Just like Dead Space. It's also third person and action-horror, but not a shooter. You get the idea.
I completely agree. The points you bring up are all ones I was thinking the whole time I played RE6. BTW, I'm on the Chris campaign at the end boss! Awesome design, even if it's kicking my *ss! All the complaining reminds me of the SOCOM series and the fans that were so pissed when they changed it. But, the difference was that the fans were right on the money. I own and have beaten all of the games in the RE series and I find RE6 to be fantastic. It's quicker just like I wanted the game to be and finally you can walk or run and shoot! The action is great, the controls are good, and quite frankly, I don't get people crying because they took the treasures out. WTF were they really good for anyway? Another great thing about he game is that I'm only on the second chapter and I have 22 hours in! I'm going slow (Don't have the time like I used to!). But man, you get a lot of content for your money, and I'll argue that with anyone. This one is right up there with some of my most enjoyed games this generation. BTW, Can't wait for Dead Space 3, and Aliens Colonial marines. MBSdavis Hit me up on the PSN if you want, I'd like to Coop when I'm done doing the SP campaigns offline.