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So you may not have caught it (in fact, if you only watch Faux News, you definitely haven't caught it), but it seems the Republicans are involved in wide-scale voter fraud.

Should have known, any time the Republicans are loudly and adamantly accusing everyone else of something, they're likely guilty of it themselves and simply projecting their own insecurities and fears.

In a trend that's becoming ever more prevalent as it comes to light, even more cases of GOP voter fraud are now cropping up in Florida, as criminal charges are potentially being pursued. This all in light of the fact that their candidate himself is likely guilty of voter fraud. And all these ID laws that the right is pushing for? Of course, they wouldn't stop this type of abuse.

Long story short, the Republicans are brazenly trying to steal the election. And why shouldn't they? The only people who still support them at this point are fanatics (as anyone reasonable has realized that the party has utterly failed to budge an inch from the Bush administration's policies, and is pushing a joke of a candidate who is as extreme as he is incompetent), so why wouldn't we expect them to go the whole nine yards? We desperately, as a country, need to shine a spotlight on this.

Though, I'm sure we're not going to hear a PEEP on the topic out of our favorite Republican apologists who were so vocal about instituting voter ID laws (which wouldn't prevent the type of abuse the GOP is getting up to RIGHT NOW) to disenfranchise millions of voters for a non-existent problem, since this time it's their own party doing it

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Did anyone on PSU see the video CNN showed?

It was a speech Obama gave in June 2007.

This is not good for Obama. This video + shaky economy = possible disaster.
Romney down 28 points in the state where he was governor.

Ohio: Obama 53%, Romney 43%; Florida: Obama 53%, Romney 44%; Pennsylvania: Obama 54%, Romney 42%

And most recently, Ryan pretends that the policy is too complicated for the country to understand, when in fact itís too flawed for him to explain.

This on top of the fact that Romney is quite literally the only presidential contender who, upon making public appearances, actually drops in favorability. In fact, Mitt Romney has the lowest favorability rating of any presidential nominee in modern history, including all of the eventual losers. It's why the Republican pac's are desperately abandoning ship and putting their money on trying to win the house and senate instead.

Obama really doesn't have anything to worry about. Consequently, it's why the right is resorting to desperation tactics in the form of voter fraud posted above.