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    Quote Originally Posted by Soldier 95B View Post
    If uncharted is a tomb raider clone wouldn't that mean the new tomb raider is cloning itself?

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    Same could be said about RE6, Thats what the reviews say
    So its a over the shoulder shooter that inspired by Uncharted which was inspired by RE4
    Tomb Raider is a different kettle of Fish
    Uncharted is a shooter/platformer, Tomb Raider is a platformer/puzzler
    Ones a adventure game the other is action/adventure FPS
    for how different they both are you just have to look at Tomb Raiders combat system, it has auto lock on and has very few enemies
    Uncharted has manual aim, cover system loads of weapons and a melee system
    Yes lara can kick, but its not the same and even that is a auto lock on

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