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    Quote Originally Posted by Soldier 95B View Post
    • Third Person
    How is this a unique feature?

    • Shooter

    It had guns but you only needed them 5% of the times. It wasn't a shooter.

    • Puzzles

    Look up Prince of Persia 1989, puzzles are not exclusive to TR.

    • Action

    What action? Other than a few bats, lions and bears, you didn't fight much. Did you play TR?

    • Platforming

    Prince of Persia.

    • Hand to hand combat

    MGS had hand to hand combat way before TR. I haven't played the later TRs but this was not even introduced until later into the millennium.

    • Exotic environments

    Sure but what adventure game doesn't have exotic environments nowadays? Do you expect them to show Manhattan instead?

    • Ancient legends, artifacts and tombs

    Yes, that's one place where they were likely influenced. Something you can't ignore in a treasure hunt. However, TR was influenced by Indiana Jones so you can't call this a rip's already out there.

    • Jungle, Ship, Water and Desert battles

    Desert battles? Which installment? Either way, you can't use generic things as rip offs lol. You can fit a lot of games in this criteria. I can throw a bunch of COD games that would fall under this.

    • Climbing, jumping

    Not exclusive to TR.

    • Quick Time Events

    Again, something TR didn't invent and was not there from the beginning anyway, just curious however, if there are QTEs in TR, which installment are you speaking of?

    • Mastered assortment of guns


    • Creatures and mythological monsters

    Don't remember any monsters from TR. Come to think of it, don't remember them from UC either.

    • A lead that has been backstabbed in the story

    What lol.

    • Different weather extremes

    I don't wanna knock down on your redundancy here to make your list bigger but this is not exclusive to TR.

    • Great looking lead characters

    ...Ok, let's just talk about this one for the sake of argument, regardless of how hilarious and generic it is. UC actually did not sport your regular hotties in the game. I can't speak for Drake but he looked like an average guy to me. His gf in the first installment looked average, actually I thought she looked very manly. Small boobs, flat face, broad jaw, long chin etc.

    • Symphony sounds that resemble Indiana Jones movies

    Yea, and we're talking about TR. They both went after the IJ movies so your point is null. To make it even more null, TR actually ripped off IJ more than UC did.

    This whole thing also goes back to my earlier point is that ND are likely just taking IJ movies into account rather than TR games.

    • Bomber Jackets


    • Daggers

    Not exclusive to TR. Don't remember them in UC1/2. Have not played UC3.

    • Monasteries

    Yes, that comes in as part of having exotic environments. You're telling me that no other game can use a monastery without being called a rip off? What sort of an explorer game would you make without any of the things you've listed so far? This is amusing.

    • Tibetan Mountains

    So now Tibet is out of the question.

    • Traveling to remote islands to unlock big gold objects such as pyramids and coffins

    Again, if you were a treasure hunter that searches things by the grand canyon, you won't be considered a hot commodity. What treasure-themed movies or games have you seen that don't show some sort of a remote location?

    • Multi-armed god statues

    Have you ever been outside of the US? Some of the biggest religions of the east have gods with multiple arms. This is nothing new.

    • Treasure hunters bring artifacts to war lords, granting super powers to past friends and foes

    Indiana Jones.

    • and more that I am missing.

    I'm pretty sure you've covered just about every aspect there possibly could've been...multiple times.

    Indeed. and thank you for the entertainment piece, sir.

    Tomb Raider 1: 91
    Tomb Raider 2: 85
    Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness: 66
    Tomb Raider: Chronicles: 57
    Tomb Raider Legend: 82 (closer to the original games)
    Tomb Raider: Prophecy: 66
    Tomb Raider: Underworld: 80

    Generally you see games going down in score with installments but not that low. And I've played the decent ones (minus the ones that had lower than an 80 for obvious reasons), they aren't even close to the original ones.
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