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Lol Morganator, my good eye is still sharp as a hawk.

Thanks claud, I appreciate your kind words. I would never vent at anyone though. I'm a very easy going person, I am grateful to still be able to see and I'm alive, can't ask for much more than that. I'm not angry at the doc who misdiagnosed my illness. I'll send an email so she knows the results of her mistake, and that'll be it. I just want to get healthy, move on and play Borderlands 2!
Lol... you're welcome mate

True health is more than important, its a part of you

Look we are here for you and a spokesman of the forum. I wish you all the luck and true recovery in the world. We love you and wish you an excellent recovery.. I know you do not hate you're doc for the screw up... but I am here for you and all off US are

When you want to come back and make a thread called, " THE ALL SEEING EYES " we will know the legend is back and taking usernames for ASSASSINATION lol...

We all do care for you mate... miss you and take all The time you need, we will always be here