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I get that it's disrespectful to you (by 'you' I am referring to the "US" in your statement). And I still don't care.

If somebody made a picture or a video of a dude taking a dump on Mohammed, or Jesus, or Buddha I still. would. not. care.

If I had to stop and worry about every time somebody said or did something disrespectful to somebody else's imaginary friends I'd never get anything done. Like a bunch of damn kids playing the "my dad can beat up your dad" game, only at least with the kids their dads are actual real LIVE people.
If you don't care either way then I don't see what the problem is here?

Are you pissed that a SINGLE map from a 3 year old game is taken down? Well thousands and muslims paid activision too you know, and they don't expect to have their beliefs disrespected. Its activision's responsibility to sort this out.