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    SOTW# 200 - Special Event


    We have reached a milestone that couldn't have been achieved without everyone's continued support! During our time here we have watched designers raise only to later pass that knowledge into newer designers while the vets leave in search for other interests or stay for the love of designing. To think that 200 of these events were made by dedicated individuals such as MentallyCritical, spyrde, Blacksite and myself but we can't forget the ones who held them before us!. It's times like these that I'm glad I had participated in the majority of them and still do to this day, you guys have done an excellent job keeping this place alive so I'll make this SOTW special.

    With that being said I decided to create this Designers Corner Exclusive event. I will inform you though that not everyone is eligible to enter. To qualify you must have participated in at least 2 of the 10 past SOTW's starting from Sotw#190 - #199

    The Spoiler below lists the designers who are qualified. This was done in recognition to your continued participation in our recent events.

    If you saw your name above then on to the next step: The rules, read them carefully!

    -Sigs must not be any bigger then 500x200 Horizontally[200x500 Vertically]
    -This event is Anonymous!: Those participating must PM me your entries, if you post your work anywhere and anytime during this event, your sig will be disregarded and you will have to start over.
    -No ripping, Collaboration or older sigs
    -I use Zodd shipping so yes I ship worldwide!
    -Votes will not count from members with less then 100 posts and/or if they made an account in October of 2012
    -Since this is a message boards for video games then prices will be as such. Includes all forms of gaming except PC since it's dead(Just kidding!. Steam is supported)
    -Those who end up with the same number of votes will enter in a one-day poll!
    -Remember to have fun!


    First Prize One Video Game of your choice!
    ($59.99 and below - Includes Pre-orders till 2012 Only![Pre-Orders could exclude some regions with region-locked hardware. Game not guaranteed to arrive on schedule and might arrive a week after release for other regions excluding US])

    Second Prize One Video Game of your Choice New or Used
    ($39.99 and below - If used, notify me with a wish list)

    Third Prize $20 PSN card, 1600 Microsoft Points, $20 Steam Card or $20 Wii/3DS card

    4th 5,000 SP

    Shipping and Handling along with Regional difference will be covered by FonFahbre and Master Zodd, Kneel!

    Deadline: October 15, 2012
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