my PS3 CECHE01 MGS (Metal Gear Solid) blu ray doesnt work..

ive order a new lens from ebay a few months back and it didnt work...i just bought a whole new working unit from ebay but it came with issues with the gears inside ...anyways i took the deck and put it in my working drive..the disc still doesnt spin? so now im thinking its the drive board thats burn out...after reading online i see that the drive board is married (keyed) to the motherboard and you must use the same drive how do i get a new drive board if the i have dies? i heard that theres a program you can use to "re-married" but it only works for v3.55..the system is on 3.7x yea its been sitting around for awhile

does any body have any info on this please reply!!!..thank!!!!