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    Quote Originally Posted by Sub-stance1 View Post
    Who said Sony is doomed? That is getting a bit old now.
    Read the thread. General consensus without saying it. You get it - context.

    Not sure what I said is old or requires any contention - but I do agree with you that people alluding to it is old.

    Quote Originally Posted by Two4DaMoney View Post
    Pretty much. It would be the "best idea ever and Sony needs to catch up" if this was MS in this position..

    I don't see a problem with this as long as they are making money. They could easily make you download an app to your ps3(no ps4 access)/ps4 so that you have to register a console in order to play 1st party titles on the pc. Turn on your system, run the app, then you can connect to the pc. That way people have to keep the console.

    As for cell phones, ect., if they don't have a controller then certain games will just be impossible to play.
    That's a good idea actually.
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