lol Rad, no offense but Mankind said what a lot and i mean a lot of people on these forums have been wanting to say for a long time without sugar coating it. Someone had to do it. Glad he took the bullet.

As far as the topic goes. Obviously you need perma-bans in place for the people that really get out of control but as long as people aren't throwing around personal insults and are giving reasons for their opinions i think anything that could be considered trolling is nothing more than open discussion.

I don't think seasoned members should get more privileges over new members but at the same time a little lee way is nice in the sense that if you're not straight harassing someone or bashing something out of the blue it should be let go a few times before handing out an emotional warning or infraction.

I think the mods do a great job here. It's pretty simple, don't get emotional and blatantly insult and harass people and you will have the freedom to throw your opinions out and people will just have to accept them or log off the internet and cry about it.