Sup Pimps and Pimpette's,

I humbly come to you with an inquiry before I have to literally $#@! somebody up. With that said, I'm updated on my PS3 to firmware 4.25 like every other person who goes online. However, the last 2 or 3 weeks randomly I'll quit a game or if my PS3 is on the XMB menu (Home state) I'll just power off my slim no problem. Then I'll go back to turn it on and it'll say "PS3 wasn't shutdown properly"

Of course I'm going "lolwut" since I'll quit a game before I power off. Or as I said if I'm already on the main menu screen I'll power it off there since by that time its been on for a while and I'm not doing anything with it. My question is though, why is this happening? Why is it saying it wasn't shutdown properly? I just played Madden (Pathetic game BTW) and I hit quit game. It proceeded to lock on me, restart my system and declare I didn't shut it down properly.

It also does a system check to see if any HDD files or system files were corrupted. And like I said I randomly get it every now and again. And I just have a strange feeling that one day its gonna $#@! my system up and that's when I will proceed to put Boots 2 Asses. I've invested too much money for this type $#@! to happen. I have 2 PS3's and had plenty of games to boot. I need this nonsense to cut it out immediately before I spaz out on a Sony Customer Service Rep who did no wrong.

But yeah, any ideas? Good lookin' out on the read and help. Be Easy