First off I just want to say that I hope this isn't against the rules, and if it is then I apologize and a mod can delete the thread if they want. I wouldn't be posting this if this wasn't a real EA Origin offer. Unfortunately this is only for the United States, which sucks. It seems that the promo code is region locked.

So anyways, I got an email from EA Origin that told me to fill out a survey and I would get a $20 coupon code. I get the code and I was able to get Dragon Age, a $19.99 game, for free with the code. Then I go on some other websites and find out that this code is the same for everybody, whether you did the survey or not. So a lot of people are getting free $20 games from Origin because of it. Then a lot of people found they were able to use the code over and over again! I even saw people saying that they got up to 8 games with the code. I of course tried to do it again but it wouldn't let me use it twice, that was until I tried it on a different browser and to my surprise it worked for me again. So I ended up getting Dragon Age 2 for free as well. However, after that I couldn't get it to work again, so I decided to just make a 2nd account and I was able to get Bulletstorm for free on that account, however so far I have only been able to use it once no matter what browser I'm using.

So basically I got Dragon Age, Dragon Age 2, and Bulletstorm for free tonight. I might make a few other accounts just because there are few other games I want like Dead Space 2 and Batman Arkham City. There are a decent amount of really good games for $20 or less that you can choose from, so I thought I would let you guys on here know so you can use the code and get yourself a free game or two. I hope it works for everyone.

All you have to do is pick a game, then go to the checkout cart and in the redeem code spot put the following code in: OS3874XVC