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    Clan needed for Mw2-3 (Read if u think it worth it) ;)

    My ID is MissProKiller - yes im female player but could be better than males
    I've been playing mw2 since it released to shops ( about 3 years i think )
    So i know every ingle map over heart ;D
    i changed the account cuz i lost first one then i started again with MissProKiller 3 months ago
    my account details sayin i had been playing for 2days and mmy death ratio is 1.61 and i called 9 nukes the past week

    Best round was in Domination mode .. scrapyard map :

    8 harriers ,6 pave lows ... unfortunately i couldnt stay alive for 25 kills .... because i was lol aloong that round o.o

    how ever, What im sayin is : is there a good clan i can join ? i dont want it too big ,members are friendly and wont be hitting on " GIRL "

    oh btw i dont like using mic =)

    i said what i had .. if u want me to join ur clan tell me about it

    P.S : i would like to have female friends or to be in female clan too ... but the point is to be in good clan .. better be the best clan tho

    Thanks for ur time and for reading this ~

    Edit: PM me if u r interested and we can discus it away from this post ^^
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