Capcom shared a new trailer, artwork, and revealed an incoming demo for DmC Devil May Cry during a panel at Comic-Con in New York today.

A date for the demo was not announced, but it will come to consoles (a PC demo was not mentioned) prior to the game’s January 2013 release

Also revealed at Comic-Con is Mundus, the primary antagonist of the first Devil May Cry, who returns with a new look in DmC Devil May Cry as ruler of the underworld. View artwork for Mundus at the gallery.

Other details shared at the panel include:
  • Players will learn more about Dante’s parents in DmC Devil May Cry.
  • The game will have “a few novelty modes” made available upon initial completion of the game.
  • The PC version will run at 60 frames per second with enhancements, while the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions will run at 30 frames.

Watch the new trailer below.

via Gematsu.