Every so often, Persona series director, Katsura Hashino, happens to mention Persona 5 in an interview and then refrains from providing any further information. Today is one such day.
Speaking with science writer, Kaoru Takeuchi, about the Persona series in a Famitsu.com feature, Hashino mentions that development of the next numbered Persona game is making progress.
Keeping with old habits, however, Hashino says that he can’t reveal any more at this time, but that Atlus will release further information when the time is right, and asks that people stay tuned.
As previously reported, Hashino will be returning as the director of Persona 5, and will be joined by Shoji Meguro as composer and Shigenori Soejima as character designer. Back in late 2011, Hashino also revealed that Persona 5 uses an internal Atlus engine.
Console release man come on!