When it comes to difficulty that is.

During my play through with FF13, Dark Souls and DOA5's Legend mode I couldn't help but notice that most of the difficulty comes from high demand of perfection. Even with FF13-2's Nabaat fight if you don't play perfectly to the T it's game over or the battles drag out. If you also look at Virtua Fighter series which is highly ranked in Japan it has the most frustrating command input that demands you be perfect in every second-frame or else your combo won't come out at all.

I think the perfectionism culture in Japan is ruining gaming difficulty for their games. When you design a game that forces you into a corner for not playing perfectly like a god it LIMITS freedom of how to take on challenges in your own way. The more I realize just how artificial their game difficulty is the less I even want to game now.

What makes things even worse is the rewards for beating things suck also. Square for whatever reason though it was fun to torment games by making these tedious bosses completely random after you've paid cash for it. Team Ninja thought it was fun to have insane cheating A.I that forces you to spam stupid anti-A.I moves. Then they expect you to do a no-continue just to unlock a damn bikini that was in DOAX2.

As a Japan fan I'm questioning rather or not I should even bother buying anymore Japanese games. These sort of unrewarding tedium gets old after a few years.