FIFA 13 on Wii U is a scaled back edition of the PS3 and Xbox 360 version, EA Sports has revealed. The biggest sacrifice has been the superb First Touch engine, as well as the FIFA Street inspired skill system. Find out what he studio had to say below.

Speaking with Eurogamer, producer of FIFA 13 on Wii U Matt Prior revealed that both First Touch and the extensive trick set didnt make it into Nintendos version of the game, and that this years enhancements to the Player Impact Engine, as well as other features will not be present in this edition.
Prior added, Some of the later improvements on 13 we werent able to get into the game. So weve got version one. Theyve got version two, before revealing that the the lack of features was down to timing, and that getting the game to run smoothly on Nintendos new hardware left little time to work on these key elements.
It was a real task, Prior admitted, It was a challenge. Because its something thats been written for a different machine theres a lot of work getting it to work. There are different processors, CPUs and different libraries. One of the challenges is we have to pick a point in time where the code base is stable and bring it over. Thats probably the most challenging thing.
Its not as easy as simply taking a feature from FIFA 13 PS3 or Xbox 360 and porting it into the Wii U edition, Prior stated, We cant take a feature theyre working on because we get it working and they change it. We get it working and they change it, alongside all the challenges we already have.
Its not technically feasible. Looking forward we could probably get parity now. But year one is always the most difficult because youre laying the foundation.
Prior also revealed that the Wii U edition had been developed in 14 months. but that future instalments should see parity with other formats. It will launch 30th November 2012.
What do you make of these differences between versions? Are we reaching a point now where this is inexcusable, or is it fair, given the time constraints on Priors team? Let us know below.