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  • Are you already able to play Xbox games on your Xbox, and have a second person control a secondary character or feature, or follow the game on the map while in game, on your phone or mobile device. Can you draw out your next play in Madden on a tablet live while in game? During Halo 4 for example, Master Chief was given additional information from scanning the side of a ship on to your device; that information updated in real-time on a real tablet nearby. A prime example:

  • Are you already able to browse the web on your Xbox 360, walk away and have the same site you were visiting and reading appear realtime on your tablet/pc/smartphone? Or be browsing a page on your phone and have it appear on the Xbox automatically to finish or continue your visit to that page?
  • Are you already able to be watching a movie on your smart device, and then have it automatically pick up where you left off on your Xbox?
  • Are you able to get realtime cast information during each scene that is playing in a movie on the Xbox onto your smart device?
  • Are you already able to use a smart device on your Xbox to do gestures, use your device as the keyboard and as a full remote control?
  • And finally, what program or app enables you to do all those things on the Xbox that we don't know about?
I do like the idea of SmartGlass, but some of the features are useless.

The first one is a gimmick and I assume only selected games will use it. It'll be cool at first but after a week or so it'll never be used again.

Browsing on consoles is crap anyway. If I'm browsing the web on my phone/other portable device, it's only to quickly check something and I wouldn't want to send the webpage to my TV. I assume your Xbox has to be on the dashboard for this to work? So you can't for example, be playing a game on your 360, check a walkthrough on the web via your tablet/phone and then send it to your TV, can you? If you can then that's pretty nifty. TBH the only time I use my phone to browse the web is when I'm either playing a game or when watching TV. With the latter I won't even have my console on.

The watching movies bit is again, pointless. Who watches a movie on their tablet if the TV is in the same room and the Xbox is on, not being used? Same with music. I don't know anyone that uses their TV for music. Most people have a dock that they just plug their device into.

Real time cast information is again a gimmick which you'll use once or twice. All it does is distract you from the film.

I don't understand what you mean by gestures. The keyboard/remote control bit sounds good but isn't that what the controller is for?

So yeah, I like the idea of SmartGlass. I like it when multiple device I own interact with each other, but most of the time it's just a gimmick. It's like Remote Play on the PS3, it has potential and I like the idea but most of the time it's utterly pointless.