Character: Kain Spero
Category: Best Dust 514 Moment

Dust howled through the tall spires jutting like alien fingers, and explosions rained down as I gripped my forge gun. The null cannons were under our control, but the enemy was trying to break our lines with everything they could throw at us. Even in the dip of terrain I could hear the monstrous war machine coming, a tank. The ground shook as it rolled straight towards me. I crested the hill and fired two forge rounds that tore into its shields, but it continued with determination. I dove back into the dip as it overran my position and ramped into the air over my head. I let loose one last round into the underbelly of the beast only a meter above me. The shot connected and the resulting explosion rocked me back and tore through my shields. Shaken but alive, I turned my attention to the frontline as the wreck smoldered behind me.