So I have an original Slim PS3 (the one with the silver bezel around the power/eject buttons) 120GB which I upgraded to 500GB. Recently I've been having the problems as shown in the video below

So according to the video the permanent fix for this to buy the new laser/disc loading unit which I did for ~$26 from Amazon. Installation on the part is straight forward as I'm kinda tech savy.

While I was waiting on the part to arrive (too much gaming, Netflix, ect to be done so being w/o a PS3 for 2 weeks was out of the question) I bought an Open Box/Returned PS3 160GB Slim (the newer one with the complete black bezel around the buttons - not the Super Slim though w/ top loader) for stupid cheap (let's just say south of $160). It works just fine. I have a year warranty on it with the potential of buying a 3 year and I can still return it to the place within a month or 2 months.

So now I'm presented with a few options. Do I

1.) Wait till the part arrives and install it on my old PS3 and then just return the newer one?

2.) Swap my 500GB from old Slim to newer Slim w/ warranty; repair old Slim with new laser/disc unit part and then sell the old PS3 slim w/ 160GB hard drive installed?

I was leaning to #2 because I'd have a newer PS3 with warranty (I know tech spec wise, it's no better than the last Slim) and then I could probably sell my old PS3 Slim (with new part installed and 160GB hard drive) for at least $160. Hell, maybe even throw in a game. The only thing I'd be losing out with on the newer Slim is that it doesn't have the shiny silver around the Eject and Power buttons lol.

Also, if I wanted, with the newer Slim w/ 500GB HDD, I could sell it within the year (while warranty is still active) and get one of the new 500GB Super Slim PS3s (top loader). Used PS3s with factory warranties go really fast especially since the owner can still buy the additional 2 Year Sony warranty as long as they're within the original 1 year Sony Warranty. I figure a warrantied 500GB Slim PS3 can still fetch for about $200If you're wondering why I wouldn't just buy the regular Super Slim and swap my 500GB over to it, the reasoning is because I heard the Super Slims use a 7.5mm laptop hard drive and the regular Slims use a 9.5mm laptop drive and it won't fit in the Super Slim enclosure.

What say you guys?