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    Rumor PS4: Sony's Next-Gen Console Details Emerge

    Is Sony ramping up development on the PS4? Will we see it announced next year? These latest rumours sound promising.

    Published on Nov 1, 2012
    Orbis is the current name for the PS4, apparently. Sony's next-gen PS3 is only ever being referred to as Orbis, which was a name rumoured a while back.
    A collection of unnamed US developers speaking to VG247 has apparently spilled the beans from a recent developer "disclosure" meeting with Sony, where the next-gen PS4 was discussed.
    The source claimed that a new dev kit, expected in January, is expected to be closer to the final specifications.
    PS4/Orbis Hardware Specs

    The hardware, according to the developers, will be based on the AMD A10 APU structure, which combines CPU and GPU into one chipset.
    Though the final architecture is open to change, current A10 models include a 3.4-4.0 Ghz quad-core CPU and a GPU with 384 cores. It's no slouch.
    The developers - who also claim the dev kits come in as many as four models - said that Orbis has either 8GB or 16GB of RAM.
    As for storage, the PS4 is said to include a blu-ray optical drive and a 256GB hard drive "as standard".
    Meanwhile the Orbis will have "no difference" between the PS3 in terms of input and output, and will have WiFi and Ethernet capability and a HDMI output.
    Apparently the hardware is not being developed in Japan.
    The controller was not mentioned by the source, but apparently more details are expected this month.
    PS4/Orbis Software Details

    According to the developers, Sony is intending to overcome many of the problems that affected the launch of the PS3, stating its affordability as a key factor.
    If it's based on off-the-shelf technology, rather than expensive in-house tech like the PS3, then this could well be true.
    The "ultimate goal", however, is to create a console capable of running 1080p visuals at 60 frames a second with "no problem", and to create something that will survive technically for years.
    The sources claim the UI for the system has been redesigned, enabling users to press the PS button and travel to "anywhere" on the system - in a similar fashion to Nintendo's use of the Miiverse with the Wii U.
    One example that was given suggested a user could visit the PS Store during a game, purchase any DLC and then return seamlessly to the game.
    "They're trying to make it as fluid as possible," stated the developer.
    Additionally, the source claimed that PS4/Orbis is designed to remain in standby to find and download software updates and patches in the background.
    PS4/Orbis Release Date

    No release date was mentioned for the PS4/Orbis, but VG247's source claimed a final version of the dev kit is due "next summer" while an official announcement of the hardware is planned for "just before E3".
    This ties into our earlier speculation that E3 2013 will play host to the next-generation of consoles. Could Sony be gearing up to show off what the PS4 can do next summer?
    Head over to VG247 to see the full details, and judge its truth for yourself.
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