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D and Kuro for some more SMC's
Ghost as a Mod and F34R for CM
Let's get it!
There really is no need for more staff members at this point in the game, at least not in the Administrator, Moderator, or SMC positions. With forum activity at a low, there isn't a demand for many staff members. I do agree, though, that it may be time to consider an additional Community Manager (or two) or the replacement of our current one. It's needless to say that Cuguy has done an astounding job here: he's worked harder than most previous Community Managers, probably doing more than even the legendary Coma. When I was on staff as a Moderator and SMC, I saw how dedicated Cuguy and the whole staff is to this place, and saw how great Cuguy is at what he does.

But I'm in agreement with squirrel: At one point, Seb was the top dog. Although he was responsible for the inception of the site, he eventually became inactive and REFLEX and AJe took over and did a fantastic job. Not long after we had Coma rise to the CM spot, but eventually, he fell inactive as well. We're on a forum, and we have to accept that we're going to lose people, even some of the forum's key players, due to personal reasons.

While I don't think there are many technical issues with this place (the fundamentals work fine), I think we spend far too much time in these little "in between periods", when our fearless leader starts to lag in terms of progress. I think we need to raise our standard. When a CM becomes inactive, the staff should actively be calling for that person to step down / seek that person's demotion. It wouldn't be a dishonor to Cuguy to be removed from his position; we all recognize the great job he's done here, but if he can't do it anymore, he can't do it.