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    Mike Rowe (dirty jobs) on Lamb Castration, peta, and American Labor

    I know this is an old video but this is the first time I came across this video of Mike Rowe discussing the importance of all these jobs. not just about lamb castration, but american Labor in general.

    What do you think about what he says?

    I personally agree with him completely but at the same time I can't help but enjoy listening to this guy talk, he is very intelligent imo when it comes to this stuff.

    What makes his speech so much better is that in another interview he stated he didn't know what to talk about while he was walking up to the stage. He didn't have speech/note cards or anything, he was just talking and going along with what he was actually thinking O.O

    Do you believe following your "dream" is going to make you happier, make you broke, etc etc or Sometimes going for the underdog job can lead you to happiness?

    Do you think the "Grandfather" stuff taught to a lot of us is vanishing in todays kids and more so maybe in future children?

    do you think we have waged a war on work in general, if so what could we do to make it better?

    I do have to say in my experience that he's right in a way that a lot of people not doing their dream job but more of a dirty job can definitely be and tend to be happier than people think.

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