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Maybe activision is releasing or developing a console of their own??
The sad part is it would be successful to. They'll have all the greatest games. We know Cod is going to be on there. Then the spinoffs start coming.Call of duty and poke'mon somehow fuse together. The limited edition will be called Call of poke'mon "gotta catch em all" edition.Instead of grenades you'll have voltorb. Next you'll have Call of the spartans "Halo edition" and all the players will be equip with jet backs and now have a health meter with refilling health. Oh and my personal favorite will be call of duty's attempt to sell in japan. They will call it Call of duty:Godzilla ops. Of course godzilla will be destroying the city and a bunch of kids, from school, form a pack to stop godzilla. Instead of grabbing their $#@!s from watching all that hentai they'll be grabbing up guns to stop the evil Godzilla from destroying there home.It will be made into a Rpg and ever guy you kill will gain you xp so you can raise your stats.