To all Frauds this may concern,

I will strike down all of you with a Great fury and ferocious anger. Your tactics of crying when you're dying by weapons in-game will no longer be tolerated. Your continued insistence on being a cripple to the gaming community will be punished by death according to the law of Greatness. You like your deathstreaks? Keep them! You like your AIM-Assistance? KEEP THEM! You like your patches full of nerfed items instead of actually practicing to get better? KEEEEEEEEEEEEP THEEEEEEEEEEM!

My Raging Judge will be the Alpha and Omega. My Kill/Death ratio against the Pathetic and Weak will be Absolute. The time for talk and half measure is over! The incoming Armageddon will be out in full force with my 10 sensitivity controller. Hide your wife! Hide your pesky kids from the mic! HIDE YOUR SOUL! As I will be coming for it on 11/13/12

With many regards...

Elite Greatnes (See me on Xbox!)

I feel a lot better! Your friendly neighborhood Elitest! $Greatness$ !