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    PSU DUST 514 Merc Corp - Measuring interest...

    So soon I will be setting up a PSU DUST 514 corporation. If you are in the beta and want to start playing with the PSU crew then let me know.

    From another thread, this is my initial vision for our clan.

    At the moment I am saving up ISK in order to start PSU's official mercenary corporation in DUST 514. It's my plan to have this up and running in about a week. This corp will have two divisions.

    High sec division will be for gamers, like yourself, just want to play for fun. You will play the various match types available in NPC issued contacts (AKA nothing to do with the EVE Online world, just your typical military FPS online modes, team death match, point control etc.). This will be where we all start off...

    Null sec division will be for those who want to go balls deep into DUST. This division will be PSU's merc for hire band of badasses. We will accept contracts from EVE players and will form an organized, well balanced army. People who come to this division will be specialising in things like drop ships, tanks, turrets as well as soldier roles. This is of course for the more serious gamers...a team of grunts who go against a team of well organised soldiers who are rolling with drop ships and heavy vehicles is going to get trounced. So we will be a team that rolls in with drop ships and tanks.
    DUST 514 is free to play and will be continually expanded upon and tweaked for the rest of its life. If you want to start sinking your online gaming time into a deep FPS experience that won't become obsolete by the next years installment, DUST is for you. The soldier you start today will be the soldier you are rocking in a years time, in 5 years time, in 10 years time.

    I realise that this might not garner any interest, and that's fine. If only a handful of you care for such an experience, then we will become a badass squad, and find another home somewhere out in New Eden.

    If enough of you stay, then PSU will be our home, and we can kick ass together and start building the PSU empire.

    So, feel free to share any ideas, input, thoughts...
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