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Its not about features but about having all the updates in to one package for business's and for builders like me or you or anyone who builds there own rigs, having the complete package means you can make slipstreams for Windows 7 and create a more refined copy of your Windows 7 installation. For business's it means it can be rolled out all in go without the need to patch one at a time it's would save MS tons of bandwidth to there update servers with the complete roll out than individual patches.
According to your logic MS would have to release a service pack every couple of years or so throughout the mainstream and extended support phases of an OS release. That isn't feasible and has never occurred before.

Vista only received 2 service packs, having a second SP for 7 a bit over 1.5 years won't make much of a difference considering it will be covered under mainstream support till 2015 and extended support till 2020.

MS is discontinuing SP's entirely and won't be doing them for windows 8 or any future OS releases.


There are 3rd party utilities available like autopatcher or this:


to make updating easier.