The new name for the SMC is stupid. We already have 2 staff members speak out against it, proving the "unanimous" quote given (when declaring the new name) as being flawed. It only further speculates the way many of us feel that the staff has become a group of members who feel only those THEY like will ever join the ranks, instead of placing the best interests of the forum first. This was proven by the creation of a new SMC member after only being here for 4 months, which is crazy. Furthermore it was stated that the rest of the community didn't showcase the same values as this new SMC? Thats a joke, and not the way ANY STAFF should speak about their community!

It used to be declared that any member who joins and surpasses 5K posts in 4 months is a spammer, and after reviewing their post history I will agree with just that. A history filled with jokes and sarcasm which has drawn the attention of the staff. If this is what dignifies a promotion around here I sadly bring into question the thinking abilities (for promotions) of all the staff.

Also the CONSTANT overlooking of a certain member based on "skeptical" behaviour of years ago is unjustified.