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Wow, nice way to present yourself. This is how it is, and we will ram it down your throat! This is what bothers me about the staff today. You guys seem to up on this high pedestal and come off as thinking you are better than every other member. Posting like this only adds to that characterization. The distance between the members and the staff is only growing, and it is of great concern.

You are lucky I am no longer Admin as you would of been told by ME that posting like this as a member of staff is unacceptable. Way to present yourself as a role model.

This thread is to help member grievances, and what you JUST posted goes against all of that! You see now why members won't come forward? This is how we are treated, and this is how our opinion is taken! Things sure have changed, and for the worse.
This is what I meant about you possibly going down the road of so many ex-staff members. You quite literally have nothing good to say about how we operate, even when we try to explain ourselves, nothing satisfies you.

Lastly, I get the impression that you're good friends with Dave but he's not coming back. I don't even think you're allowed to contest another member's infraction. Especially when he blew his second chance.