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    looking for a corp? KEQ has you covered

    Corporation Promotional Video

    KEQ is a multi-national gaming community spanning such games as DCUO, MOH, MAG, GRFS, PS2, BLOPS2, BF3.

    Founded on the Socom Series, KEQ has a 10 year history of clan battles and organized team play.

    Over 20 clans have merged into KEQ creating a strong foundation of leadership and a very large officer corps.

    We have an EVE corporation currently engaged in Factional Warfare and an industrial corporation for pilots not interested in PvP who just want to grind ISK in New Eden.

    Full lines of communication set up with a forum NOT based on Enjin, Twitter, Teamspeak, Jabber, Skype and YouTube.

    General corporation rules:

    -Push forward and be aggressive

    -No racism, be cool to the women

    -No glitching, exploiting or cheating


    -Applications must include PSN when applying in game or on the forum and the PSN that you play other games with KEQ as. If you are Bob69 on BF3 but use the PSN of TommyTrick45 on Dust......We need to know that.

    -No alt characters in other corps (very big issue and it is an alliance level rule) If you are KEQ on Dust or are KEQ on Dust and EVE. There are no factions on Dust and if you want to play with friends in other corporations then that is fine, group up and play, but do so with KEQ tags.

    Accepting applications from all roles (AV, LOGI, PILOTS etc...)

    ================================================== ==============

    Expect Us...

    Kill 'Em Quick corporation will be active in all security sectors from PvE to Null Sec.

    Therefore, we are able to accept players of all skill levels and groups of players interested in playing together regularly and yet still enjoy the benefits of membership in a large well established corporation and alliance.

    Options...with KEQ you will have them.

    From intense high level game play that Null Sec and District/Planet Sovereignty provides to the laid back casual atmosphere of Co-Op PvE missions in High-Sec, KEQ has a place for you.

    Join a corporation and a gaming community that can provide what few others can, a long rich history and a stable environment that you can depend on.

    ================================================== ===============

    Proud Founding Member Of Rise of Legion
    Alliance Promotional Video

    Which is an alliance housing both Dust Mercs and EVE pilots focused on Dust 514's influence on EVE Online and the New Eden Universe.

    RofL is an independant alliance not influenced or controlled by any EVE entity.

    Our focus is on being competitive and relevant while providing a fun atmosphere.

    Join today and be a part of our ascent into the realm of New Eden.

    Come chat it up or fill out an app
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