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    3DS outsells Vita 47-1 in Japan - Sony, take action now

    The portable console war in Japan has always favored Ninendo's 3DS over Sony's Vita, but never quite like this.

    Last week, the Vita hit a new all-time low in the country, selling only 4,021 units. By comparison, the 3DS sold nearly 47 times that many, at 187,077.

    The numbers only tell half the story, however: 3DS sales were bolstered significantly by the release of Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which debuted at number one on the charts with 721,786 copies sold.

    Still, it's clear that Sony is having a very difficult time selling anyone in the country on the Vita, and a lack of desirable software in the region isn't helping matters. The Vita had no new releases last week, and none of its games appear in the top 30 chart. There are, by comparison, fourteen 3DS games.

    For a closer look at the numbers, last week's Japanese sales charts are available here.

    Wow. Sony need to do something and quick. Start with a price cut I guess. Animal Crossing is a huge game in Japan, but that's what Sony are missing, a real system seller and to rub salt in the wounds Vita gets no new games that week!

    The Vita is currently tracking lower than the Dream Cast right now.
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