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    New SMC Selection Process

    Due to feedback from the community about our SMC selection process, we want to give you more of a voice for who is promoted. From now on, the staff (meaning the SMC on up) will nominate two times the amount of members than available spots. These members will then be asked if they are interested. If so, the community will vote for who they wish to become staff. The number of votes each member has is equal to the number of available spots.

    For example:

    1) If we need three new SMC, the staff will choose six members who are fit to become SMC.

    2) The staff will then ask these nominees if they are interested.

    3) Then all six nominees will be voted on by the community. Each member will have three votes and the top three members win.

    We feel this is a good compromise. We can't allow the community to choose anyone, because regular members cannot see the infraction and PM history of members, among other issues. So the staff will choose nominees that meet the qualifications and the community will take it from there. Tie-breakers will be decided by the higher rep score.

    If there are certain tweaks that you guys think will improve the process, let us know. However, an election solely decided by the community is not an option. Please keep that in mind.
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