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doesn't mean it's right. many things in this world are padded to make other people feel better, doesn't mean anything and I'm certainly not a sheep in that matter. paintings and sculptures are pure 100% expression and creation. point being, you wont change my mind on it, because you say it's this doesn't mean it's that at all, because I say it's this doesn't mean it's that. Hell, people in competitions in this world get trophies for last place, which is stupid. so now because "tweedle dee & tweedle dum" want to be artists while they are in music, music has to be an art, or game developers are now artists? just so they feel better and mix in with an original artform, please. you wont change my mind and quite frankly it's not stupid at all. If you believe movie creation is an artform, fair enough but I certainly wont follow in that mindset.
Well considering that you said to be considered art, it should be in a museum, and now the Smithsonian American Art Institute has included videogames in its museum, do you now consider videogames art?