So I was clearing up some trophies and came across some league play trophies, a mode I'd not tried.

Basically you have 5 initial games (moshpit style, any map/mode, it's all random) and depending on your performance across these games it determines which league you start off in.

Once your in a league the aim is to get promoted, it's basically like FIFA 13's seasons mode. You progress up your league (called the ladder) as you earn XP for kills, captures, bomb plants etc.

IMO this is now 1 of the best modes for objective based players as everyone is wanting to progress so the game actually gets played rather than people being bothered about getting the best kill streak reward available etc.

I'm currently ranked 38th in the gold league and it really gives you the motivation to keep having that '1 more game' to climb the ladder and try and get in the next division.

For anyone who isn't the best run and gunner, prefers to play objective based game modes and get the feel of satisfaction as you climb the ladder, I can't recommend this enough. Rather than having yourself and maybe 1 or 2 other team members in a public match trying to capture objectives, you have the entire team on your side.

I've not been part of a public match since, playing with a team and looking for promotion is where it's currently at for me.

For anyone who hasn't tried it, I'd seriously give it some consideration