I had a 3g/wifi 8gb psvita that was stolen , but i'm getting a new one. Now with the upcoming black Friday deals of (4gb Assassin's Creed Bundle or 4gb COD:BOD bundle for $199.99) What do you guys recommend I should get? Any of the 2 bundles with only 4gb(but only $199.99) or get another 3g/wifi with 8gbs but with no games and still $300?

Does anyone know what size memory the madden bundle comes with.

Lastly for anyone who has both AC:Liberation and COD:BOD... AC is getting decent but not great reviews, i'm not a fan of bad framerate anyone know if they can and plan on trying to fix that with an update? COD:BOD is really getting straight pooed on in the reviews, I want to know is the multiplayer really superbad to completely avoid the game? I enjoy shooting things(lol) and I'm liking playing multiplayer games on Vita(PSAllstars beta was fun). My main question is for those who have both which one are you having more fun with and which one is easier to overlook their problems?

Thanks in advanced, please give me honest criticism no AC,or COD fanboys please.

I just noticed PSU doesn't have the coffee mug smiley face anymore whyyyyyy