Nuketown 2025 has been pulled and now only available for 'special events'.

I'm sorry but what a absolute load of $#@!.

As well as myself, I feel for people who enjoyed this map and got sold a absolute LIE about the nuketown 24/7 crap as well as people who may have pre ordered it for relatives at xmas etc knowing the recipient would want the Nuketown map yet now have to wait for whenever Treyarch decide its time for a 'special event'.

Map will be back for 'special events' or via Custom Games.

Published on Nov 19, 2012
Treyarch has pulled Nuketown 2025, the map available as a pre-order bonus for Black Ops 2, as a Playlist option.

It will now 'be back for special events', according to game design director David Vonderhaar. It is also available through Custom Games.

This move from Treyarch means that the Black Ops 2 pre-order bonus was live for just under a week. It also makes a mockery of the in-game description for the map: "24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we never close."

Though "After 6 days we do close but we'll be back for special events!" isn't quite as catchy.

Treyarch is getting some heat from Black Ops 2 fans who pre-ordered the game, who at the very least want to see the map moved to regular rotation, so we'll see how Treyarch responds.