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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrath View Post
    And that is why you play Battlefield.

    that's really lame. I remember specifically when EA made Battlefield 1943 a pre-order bonus when you pre-order/buy Battlefield 3. that night they pulled the pre-order bonus and when people had BF3 in their hands there was no BF1943, they announced it like the same day the game came out. o.O point being, what they did was no different. If I could say anything to Activision and Treyarch it would be this, "don't follow in the footsteps of EA/DICE, no good can come from it."

    anyway, Treyarch on the other hand really cheesed the launch of Black Ops 2. The fact they made nuketown not mix in with Vanilla Black Ops 2 maps is quite mind boggling. but considering the stupidity of Treyarch and where their heads were while thinking of what to do with nuketown 2025, this doesn't surprise me on bit.
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