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I'm here and still noisy. Will not be buying it and I'm a huge fan! This is definitely not Devil May Cry combat. They did try but still failed to capture the essence. Also this is absolutely not Dante or LOL Virgil by any means.

It would have been better to name it a new game. R.I.P. DMC

P.S. the reason most fans of DMC are quiet is because they've moved on and don't pay it any attention. Only the biggest fans are trying to salvage a DMC game from it like me.

It also amazes me how a lot of people are saying that it is Devil May Cry just that the combat is easier? This is like bizzaro world! The thing that made Devil May Cry is that the combat was hard and highly complex which rewarded you when you put in the work to learn the system. So reading the above saying is like full retard mode to me. I take it that these people really only played DMC4 and up?

I played every DMC multiple times. The controls are different, yeah. But it's stil very similar to DMC. I mean it's a hack'n'slah game in the style of DMC. It's not a God Of War-style hack'n'slash game, but a DMC HnS game. That should be obvious when you look at some gameplay.

And all that matters is: The game is fun and interesting. Let the people who like the game enjoy it.