Dark Angel - cancelled, Las Vegas - cancelled, Heroes - cancelled, Terra Nova - cancelled, Alcatraz - cancelled, CSI Miami cancelled, The River - cancelled, Last Resort - cancelled. WHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

These are just some of the programs that have been cancelled for some time an some of them not so recent! more to come i assume!! which is no BIG surprise when it comes to shows being cancelled all because of them wanting to have more reality Tv programs which in my case is a complete joke for every network which has cancelled shows over silly reality programs, i really liked those above for so long an recent ones im really enjoying now. but cancelling them really does my f**king heading & bugs me just as much as the next person, i really hate TV Networks 100% who cancel good shows.

Vegas S1 coming to Sky Atlantic next year is in the danger zone of being cancelled! i thought it looked like its worth watching & now its in the danger zone ffs.

Blue Bloods, Hawahi five-O, Suits, Walking Dead, Strike Back, Boardwalk Empire. im glad these programs are still running tbh & thank god they not cancelled