I am needing all the guys' opinions here! I am planning in buying my gf a ring for Xmas! I've already got all of her gifts except for this last thing!

I've asked her sister as she couldn't help me figure out which one my gf would like. So I then went to her gma, mom, and then finally her aunt. And I have it narrowed down to these last 3!




Can anyone please help me? I would gladly appreciate all of your votes. I'm going to take them all the way up to December 10th.

Please everyone help me with this tough decision! Just take 2 minutes to vote, and all you have to do is look at the picture and post a number! Also if you'd like I'm also taking other suggestions, and reasoning why or why not to buy one of the rings you didn't vote for.

Thank you again so much! Love you guys, happy holidays! <3