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    Community Reviews Feedback, Questions and Discussion Thread

    Because you can never have too many opinions when trying to decide on your next game purchase, we here at PSU are banding together to give our gaming brothers and sisters a source of honest opinions on games of yesterday and today.

    Welcome! Allow me to give you a quick tour. You are now at the Community Reviews discussion thread. This is the place for all feedback, questions and discussion regarding Community Reviews. Please refrain from creating threads if they aren't intended for review purposes. We have cool place to hang out right here!

    The Community Reviews Index thread is where you'll find links to all the submitted reviews in categorised order. You can also see the rank boards to see how far you/others have gone.

    Feel free to ask the reviewer questions in their review thread.

    Beta. Sounds wierd, but yes this review section is in beta at the moment. You guys are the beta testers and there are things we still need to figure out and tweak. This will be discussed in the aforementioned PSUCRFQ&D thread.

    Community Ranks. Those who take the time and effort to submit to our archive will get their review linked here to live on forever before our eyes even when the thread itself has sunk deep into the obscurity of the old and redundant thread cemetery. Not only that, but by such action they will embark on a journey of completely meaningless PSU e-peen $#@!ery as they sink down the Community Review Rank System to the depths of badassness. There is also an SP reward of 500 points awarded automatically when you open your review thread (hence this thread dedicated to discussion).

    With the launch of the Community Opinions section, opinion pieces will also count towards your rank.

    Below are the tier and rank names, the qualifying amount of reviews/opinion pieces and the name of the first ever member to achieve that rank.

    bros of the primordial ooze
    single cell organism (1 review/article) - Sir_Scud
    plankton (3 reviews/articles) - Lethal_NFS
    sea horse (5 reviews/articles) - Lethal_NFS
    lil fishy (10 reviews/articles) - Lethal_NFS

    Denizens Of The Deep
    Deadly Pirahna Swarm (15 reviews/articles) - Lethal_NFS
    Mega Stingray (20 reviews/articles)

    Cold Killer Whale (25 reviews/articles)
    Great White Shark (30 reviews/articles)

    GIANT ENEMY CRAB (40 reviews/articles)
    KRAKEN KING (50 reviews/articles)

    MEGALADON GHOST (60 reviews/articles)
    LEGENDARY LEVIATHAN (75 reviews/articles)

    D0LPH1N (100 reviews/articles)

    Review Formula & Presentation
    . For the sake of consistency, we have come up with a basic formula for the reviews. Check for the basic formula. Also, here are a few points to keep in mind:

    Reviews don't consist of a sentence or two for each category! Submissions should be well thought out and concise. I won't allow short/lame reviews for the sake of spamming the way to new ranks OK!?

    You should have finished the game before you review it.

    I will be wearing my PSU editor hat now and then as well, just to make sure everything is neat, tidy and consistent.

    Thread title: please name the review thread by the console in [square brackets]followed by the game's title

    [PlayStation 3] Assassin's Creed 3
    [Wii U] ZombieU

    Intro: talk about anything that helps set up your review; the developer, previous games in the series etc etc

    Story: talk about (without spoilers!) the narrative of the game, things like quality, pace, character development etc

    Gameplay & Controls: talk about the game's mechanics and how well they relate to the controls.

    Graphics & Presentation: talk about the graphical fidelity, art direction and performance here. the menus and general presentation come under this section.

    Sound: talk about the game's sounds and soundtrack

    Multiplayer: talk about the MP aspect of the game if it has one

    Conclusion: sum it all up

    + What
    + You
    + Liked

    - And
    - Didn't
    - Like


    1 = Laughable
    2 = Terrible
    3 = Poor
    4 = Substandard
    5 = Mediocre
    6 = Decent
    7 = Good
    8 = Great
    9 = Fantastic
    10 = Legendary

    Giving X.5 is possible if you are torn between whole numbers.

    That's all there is to it for now. I will be working to continually better this part of the forum so keep tuned!

    Attention, this is just a template. Reviews do not need to follow this formula, but doing so will help guide you towards writing a well thought out review. Reviews should still be longer than just a few sentences, but the main point is to express your thoughts in some kind of constructive manner.

    DLC are another creature that can be reviewed. Just make sure it's for meaty content like an expansion pack or extended single player levels. Not looking for DLC reviews on costume packs. All DLC reviews should be at least 500 words, but only need to cover what they add to the game

    When creating a thread title, label it as: [PlayStation 3] Skyrim DLC (Dragonborn)


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