My question for you guys are what pc classics would you love to see revamped? What would you want to be done to them to do them justice in this gaming era? OR What games from "Gaming limbo" would you like to see get a sequel?

Doesn't necessarily need to be a pc game.. Could be a console game that you would like to see on pc?

My list would have to be:

Lord of the Ring Battle for Middle Earth 2.. I recently got it working on win7 and a flood of great memories came back to me. I would definitely like to see a sequel for this. I am really into the Tolkien world right now with The Hobbit coming out haha

Second choice..

Empires Dawn of the Modern World.. My nephew and I recently hooked up Hamachi to game LAN and that game is still solid but would like to see a remake or a sequel. Its awesome having 5000 troops killing each other tho haha

Id like to hear from you guys now because I could have a million different answers for this haha